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Sunday, September 6, 2015

How you choose your favorite LIPSTICK?

People said choose your lipstick color based on your skin color. 
Is it true?
and I said it based on your confident to wear lipstick!

 Is it the color or the texture of lipstick is important? For me both them important. Before I fall in love with matte type, I really not considered about the texture. However, after i seem one of my friend use matte type and after i tried it, i really love that lipstick!

Describe MATTE Lipstick
Not a glossy type lipstick, but give a matte look to the lips. 

Why must choose MATTE Lipstick
Smudge-free ; this lipstick does not spread and stays for a whole day. You will enjoy your day with lipstick stay in your lips without any touch up. Easy right? It is make you more confident when your day is full and busy until you did not have time to touch up your lipstick!

Stick free ; its does not stick your expensive cloths. 

Natural look ; contrast with the glossy, matte lipstick will give effect more natural. You will be look as one who really natural and will make you smile all the time to show your naturalist!

It can be the only make up ; if you in rush, just apply this lipstick. You will still look gorgeous. You also not to have apply many make up in your face if you consume this lipstick. It can bring the personal aura to the women!

And Why I choose NYX MATTE Lipstick?

Because of the highly pigmented richly color. Also long wearing :) that why i love this lipstick so much. I fall in love with their various selection color.

below, i shared my addiction on NYX :)
and don't forget to choose your favorite one also.
believe me you must like and love MATTE lipstick.

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